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The benefits of blogging

The benefits of blogging

The world seems roughly divided between those who put blogging in the same category as undergoing root canal treatment, and those who can’t resist broadcasting the minutiae of their lives – at great length. In fact, if correctly applied as a content marketing tool, blogs are one of the best ways of engaging with your business community and enhancing your company’s reputation.  Sarah Webster explains how:

Making it personal

Blogs allow you to show the human side of your business.  It’s a cliché to say that people buy from people – but all clichés originate from a truism.  Apart from introducing the very lifeblood of your business, blogs give you the chance to reveal the range and depth of expertise that underpins your activities.  Instead of being a corporate entity or a brand, your organisation suddenly becomes a bunch of real individuals with personalities, values and stories – and unique attributes.  All of which make your company infinitely more approachable – to clients, associates or potential employees.

The whole story

Carefully thought-out content will enable you to communicate the full range of your products and services in a format that doesn’t read like an ad.  There may be parts of your business that are not known by some of your clients or potential employees, so this is your chance to talk through the range of your offering in a series of written pieces, mentioning real examples of your best work and showing how and why your solution was such a success.

Answering a need

Probably the greatest benefit of blogging is that it allows you to show your understanding of what’s important to your audience.  Whether you’re looking to attract bright new talent or to expand your client portfolio, it’s critical that you convey your appreciation of what they want from you.  Here again, stories are the most compelling way of convincing people that you are on their wavelength and able to meet their needs.

Rising up the ranks

And we haven’t even touched on the Holy Grail of Search Engine Optimisation!  Visibility is of critical importance in a crowded market place, and blogging is one of the best ways of improving your Google rankings.  How does it work?  Search marketing is a science in itself, but by understanding the key search terms that your own audience would apply, you can incorporate these within your digital content.  Every time you blog, you add fresh content to your website, making you an authority on your industry in the eyes of Google.  The more eyes that see your blog, the better it is for your rankings, especially if you’ve linked to an all-important keyword within the piece. For maximum success, trailing your blog on social media channels will drive more visitors to your site – which in turn boosts your site’s authority with Google. The rationale being that if people are regularly visiting your site and reading your new content, there must be something worthwhile that other users would benefit from too!

Professional blog writers

This is all great in theory, but of course time is the big issue here.  Most of us are too busy fighting today’s fires, and planning for tomorrow, next week and next month … to stop and write elegant prose to order.  Especially with no specific deadline to meet.   We know it’s a great idea.  We fully intend to do it. But somehow that blog just keeps falling off the bottom of our Action list.

And this is where outsourcing to a blog ghost writer can be the answer.   A telephone conversation or a chat over coffee can enable you to explore and prioritise topics, agree a schedule and a line of communication that will enable the expert to write your blog content.  WWMC routinely works with clients to prepare stories and viewpoints that can be developed into digital content.  A good copywriter will get a feel for your ‘voice’ and preferred terminology so that even though written by a third party, the content will reflect the personality of the author.

The combination of professional copywriting with SEO expertise is a marriage made in heaven. WWMC has been working in tandem with search marketing experts Ducard on behalf of client Gallowglass since July 2017, producing regular blogs that reflect the key priorities of the business, communicate its strengths and share its achievements. Quality content creation paired with on-site SEO activity deliver the best results. After the first six months, Gallowglass’ rankings steadily advanced up the pages for 20 different search terms. The company is now on the first page for all target keywords and 80 per cent of them are in the top five.

So, if you feel dread in the pit of your stomach every time someone asks you ‘prepare a few words’, the answer could be a phone call or an e-mail away.  Just get in touch … outsourcing to a professional blog writer is far less painful than root canal treatment – and infinitely more rewarding!