Raising your profile

Raising your profile

Clients come to WWMC because they want to be noticed, respected and talked about, but they lack the time and focus to manage their own marketing communications. Frankly they’re too busy doing their day job!

We can fill that vital gap. Liaising with internal teams to build a sustained PR strategy, we create stories and content that are aligned to business goals. We raise the profile of business leaders, enabling them to influence client audiences and external stakeholders.

Traditional PR, social media messaging and relevant online content are tailored to the needs and culture of each individual client.

WWMC remains intentionally small and focused, aiming to provide a direct and personal representation for a limited portfolio of clients. This consistency and flexibility guarantees a creative, sustained and responsive resource.

WWMC has no junior account executives or outsourced services. Our retained clients have direct access to Account Director expertise at all times.