Copywriting and content creation

“It’s only words …” Well no, actually, it isn’t.

Conveying your message powerfully and succinctly takes time and understanding – both of your own objectives but, more importantly, of your target readership.

Choosing exactly the right (and only the right) words and then positioning them in such a way that they can be rapidly and easily assimilated, will allow you to inform, announce, promote, enlighten, present, engage, connect, respond, convey, campaign, inform and persuade. Effectively. And will yield exactly the positive response you are hoping for.

On the other hand, writing sloppy, ungrammatical text, burying impenetrable jargon in convoluted sentences and expecting your readers to wade through acres of verbiage, will confuse and alienate them.

Good copywriting is a skill so why not outsource it to the experts? WWMC will craft:

compelling website copy, blogs, social media posts,
press releases, feature articles and case studies
newsletters, e-shots
internal communications
announcements to clients and other external stakeholders
reports and award entries